NES KBO Oil Recovery and Separation System getting the good oil back and minimising waste

Don't waste good oil recover it by separation with the ST150

Since its inception nearly ten years ago, the KBO ST150 has undergone many changes and additions. Today’s version represents years of experience and customer feedback which has resulted in certainly the most safe, sophisticated and best performing ST150 ever produced

Add a Tanksweep Tank Cleaning System and get the oil solids or sludge out of a Tank directly into the ST150

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                          Centrifuge on stand                                                Blending and heating tank



The importance of using efficient methods of sludge treatment:

  • Negative Environmental and Safety consequences of using traditional methods include  land wastage and possible contamination of the water table. Also of concern is wastage of large quantities of potentially usable product.

  • Another significant consideration is the proliferation of legislation designed to protect both the environment and populations whose Health & Safety concerns need to be addressed.


The NESL KBO Crude Oil Sludge Treatment System addresses all of these issues using the most efficient and cost-effective technology available at the present time.




Tank Bottoms Sludge Pit being treated by ST150

Polymer Dosing System


Hydraulic Power Pack, Umbilicals and Pumps

The NESL KB-Oil ST 150 portable sludge treatment unit is specially designed and fabricated system, of heavy duty, welded construction built around a 40' ISO hi-cube container box size.  The unit is fitted with standard twist locks and carries CSC plating for easy transportation

The centrifuge unit is supplied with its own purpose built support frame for safe operation and maintenance.

All electric motors and the system control panel  are rated EExd for Zone 1 refinery use. 

The NESL KBO ST 150 unit includes:

  • Heated pre treatment system with heavy duty, electric drive gator for effective recirculation and re-suspension of solids in the sludge. Pre treatment tank has large external level indicator and high/low level alarms.
  • electric drive agitor for effective recirculation and re-suspension of solids in the sludge. Pre treatment tank has large external level indicator and high/low level alarms
  • Heavy duty, variable speed electric drive Centrifuge Feed Pumps. Main pump plus standby pump hard piped and wired into control system for continuous working.
  • Chemical Dosing System for improved performance and treatment of a wide range of waste oil sludge materials.  System includes twin half metre mixing and holding tanks with electric drive agitators and variable speed dosing pump.
  • Purpose built, heavy duty two phase Centrifuge to remove solids from the pre treated sludge and reclaim good quality oil suitable for pumping directly back to refinery storage facilities. 
  • Centrifuge system includes comprehensive control and alarm systems wired into system Control Panel
  • Centrifuge supplied complete with sediment and recovered oil chutes.
  • Purpose built centrifuge support frame designed for fast and simple site erection and which allows safe access around centrifuge for routine maintenance.
  • Electrically driven Power Pack for centrifuge drive and control.  Unit wired in to centrifuge control panel for safe and simple operation.
  • Recovered Oil Holding Tank (3.5m3) with large external level indicator and high/low level alarms.
  • Heavy duty, variable speed electric drive Sludge Feed Pump for sludge feed to ST 150 Unit
  • Heavy duty, variable speed electric drive Recovered Oil  Pump to transfer reclaimed oil into adjacent storage tanks or directly back into the refinery system
  • All equipment is wired into main Control Panel for safe and simple operation.  All feed pumps stop/start wired into integrated high/low level alarms.
  • System designed for on site operation in remote locations and has all maintenance items easily accessible.
  • Comprehensive operating and maintenance manuals.
  • Dimensions and Weights:

                        Size: 13.411m long x 2.438m wide x 2.895m high

                        Weight: Dry:  13,000 Kg

                        Operating:     33,000 Kg

  •           Utilities Required:

                       Steam: 4,500 Kg/hour at 10 bar max, start up 750                                     Kg/hour at 10 bar max,  operating

                       Electricity: 415 V 3 phase 300 KVA

                       Water: Typical fire hydrant supply for chemical dosing system and wash down

Typical crude oil sludge processing rate 10-25³/hour depending on sludge quality

System Performance: Maximum throughput: 85 m³/hour (water)

  Recovered oil will contain2% or less BS&W and the Sediment or solids remaining after processing will have 100ppm or less of leachable hydrocarbons


EExd Control Panel

The ST150 can be used as a stand alone unit to process oily sludges and sediments from pits and lagoons or

can be used alongside the range of NESL Tank Cleaning Systems such as Tanksweeps, Manway Cannons, ROVs


The NESL KBOil waste oil sludge treatment system has been specially designed for on site processing of a wide range of heavy waste oil sludge materials.  Designed and manufactured as a completely integrated system it provides cost effective treatment of crude sludge by reclaiming good quality, reusable oil from the waste sludge

Depending on the application, the heavy duty portable system is supplied complete with a purpose built, heavy duty two phase centrifuge, hydraulic power pack and all controls for safe operation in potentially hazardous areas

The NESL KBO two phase centrifuge( has a number of unique design features and offers the most cost effective method of waste oil sludge treatment.  The specifications of the recovered oil and remaining residue after processing are acceptable to refineries for reuse and local authorities for land fill

Also available as a 3 Phase System


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